The Coronavirus-Recession or Depression?

As of April 9, 2020, 17 Million People have filed for unemployment! That does not include those who are unemployed but cannot file for one reason or another.

Although we are not at the unemployment levels of the Great Depression we are certainly headed that way.

What this means is that there are now at least 17 million people who cannot pay for the mortgage or rent; automobile, truck or SUV loans, medical bills; credit card bills and food and medicine.

Many people will be forced to decide whether or not to buy food or medicines. Those who contract the Corvid-19 virus may not recover from it either medically or financially.

But there is a “ripple effect”, all those people whose jobs and income depend on the spending by those now 17 Million unemployed also have at risk the same problems as the 17 Million officially unemployed.

The Federal Government just prints money when it runs out, increasing the natural debt and with nothing backing the Dollar besides the “Full Faith and Credit” of the U.S. Government, how long before other countries refuse to accept dollars and the U.S. is forced to devalue the dollar.

The time to seek legal help from a licensed attorney is when you have legal problems starting, and if you are one of those 17 Million unemployed people or your jobs and income depend on them, than you have a legal problem, whether you know it or not.