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Create a strong mortgage foreclosure defense in Clifton, NJ

Facing foreclosure is like living through a nightmare. Most people just need a little more time to reorganize their finances and get back on their feet. But that's hard to do when creditors and mortgage lenders are breathing down your neck. Get the time you need to mount a mortgage foreclosure defense by working with Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law in Clifton, NJ.

You don't have any time to waste. Start the mortgage foreclosure defense process as soon as possible by calling 973-630-0039.

Don't become a victim of unfair or predatory practices

Only a skilled mortgage foreclosure attorney can defend your rights against greedy and unscrupulous lenders. Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law will identify any errors made or unfair practices engaged in by your bank, such as...

  • Failure to give you proper notice
  • Lack of a clear record of ownership
  • Inability to produce a promissory note

Your bank has a team of attorneys working for them. It's time to even out the playing field. Schedule an appointment to speak with an experienced mortgage foreclosure attorney in Clifton, NJ today.