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There's a good reason that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most commonly declared type. Individuals who are overwhelmed by medical or credit card debt can discharge that debt and get a fresh start. If you're thinking about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Clifton, NJ or the surrounding area, Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law, LLC can help.

When to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a means for businesses to remain open while reorganizing their finances and restructuring their debt. Individuals who can't qualify for Chapter 13 can also use Chapter 11 bankruptcy to get a handle on their financial situation and pay back their creditors.

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How Chapter 13 bankruptcy works

If you're not ready to give up your home, liquidate your assets and start over from scratch, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be right for you. Many homeowners who are earning wages use Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a way to repay their debt through a structured payment plan.

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