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It only takes one missed payment, a layoff or a failed investment for your financial situation to start crumbling down around you. If you're not sure how to handle your mounting debts, come to the premier bankruptcy law firm in Clifton, NJ. Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law, LLC handles Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings for individuals and business owners.

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Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law will explore all possible options for resolving your legal issues, including taking the issue to court. Our attorneys are not afraid to take cases to trial and fight aggressively for our clients. Turn to us if you need a…

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Immigration attorney: Get help with family and work immigration.
Bankruptcy attorney: Find out how to safeguard your property during bankruptcy.

Our attorneys benefit from ongoing specialized training and subscribe to law publications to stay up to date on every aspect of our practice areas. Our firm is a member of the American Bar Association.

Foreclosure is not your only option

Are you facing a difficult financial situation? Have you been unemployed or underemployed for several months? After just a few missed house payments, the bank can come to collect their collateral-that is, your home. The good news is that the mortgage foreclosure process in the Clifton, NJ area isn't as straightforward as lenders would have you believe.

A mortgage foreclosure defense attorney can sit down with you and explain all of your options. Boyer Coffy Attorneys and Counselors at Law will show you how you can put up a strong mortgage foreclosure defense when the bank comes calling.